February 18, 2013

Three Ollie Chandler Novels in One E-edition

Ollie Chandler Collection: Three Novels: Deadline, Dominion, Deception / Combined Volume
By Randy Alcorn

I am an avid reader of fiction, and Deadline is my top pick out of hundreds and hundreds of books. Other than the Bible, Deadline has done more for my faith than any other book has. This is because Randy Alcorn helped me to see Heaven in a way I'd never imagined before. One of the biggest lies ever told is that Heaven is boring. Heaven is better than anything that we can imagine. It would be a great gift, especially for a gentleman, as it is the story of three men who are friends and their faith journeys.

I highly recommend Dominion by Randy Alcorn. The book provokes thought about what goes on in our lives and how Christ through faith will extend that existence into eternity. The storyline is great fiction and competes with the very best mystery writers of today. The underlying current is how sin in the form of abortion, racism, gangs, drugs, and excessive political ambition results in pain and ultimate separation from God forever.

It's a wonderful story, full of humor and adventure. You can visualize everything Randy Alcorn writes. It's thought provoking, dramatic, and spiritually packed. Don't miss this suspense thriller as it is a must. It's a great read and one of the best novels ever--Christian or not.

Click here to read Chapter One.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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