February 25, 2013

Great for Believers and Non-Believers Alike

Passion by Mike McKinley

The Good Book Company has released a new book in perfect timing for the Lenten season. Believers and non-believers should check out Passion by Mike McKinley. McKinley is also author of Am I Really A Christian? and Church Planting is for Wimps.

Walking readers through Luke's Gospel, pastor and well-known author Mike McKinley looks at the events of the last day of Jesus' earthly life. At each point, he pauses to marvel at the love Christ has for His people; and shows how Jesus' people can learn from His passion, His care, and His integrity.

The book offers a wonderful series of meditations on Jesus Christ’s life-changing and universe-altering final day. Thoroughly rooted in the beauty of the gospel, Passion draws us back again and again to reflect on these timeworn truths.

I highly recommend this book. It was so fascinating, I read it in one sitting. Now I'm re-reading it a piece at a time as a Lenten devotional.

I received this novel compliments of The Good Book Company for my honest review.


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