February 25, 2013

Take a Chance on It!

Take a Chance on Me
by Susan May Warren

With Susan May Warren's Take a Chance on Me, you'll pick it up because of the cover and the name, but what will grab your attention are the words on the back cover; a summary so carefully written that you'll take the book to the counter and say, I want it!

Darek Christiansen is a brooding bachelor with a dark shadow that seems to be following him - sadness, grief or guilt - as he strives to keep his family's resort and his young son together. Ivy Madison is an attorney who is new in town and doesn't know the history but soon gets involved with Darek and the family in such a way that it reads almost like a non-fiction story out of a life of a family down the street.

I received this novel compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review. It's a delightful book! You'll most definitely want to take a chance on it!

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