June 06, 2008

Inspiring Freedom Teen Fighting Cancer Graduates

FREEDOM ― A teenager from Freedom who is battling cancer has inspired people around the world and now he's marking a major milestone.

John Challis graduated from Freedom High School on Thursday.

Challis maintains a positive outlook on life, despite his fight against lung and liver cancer.

"I act the way that I act because it's the way we wish we could act to each other even a little bit of the time," he said.

His story has grabbed attention of national and international media. ESPN and a Japanese TV show also covered Challis' graduation.

"It's overwhelming. I know that people in a whole other part of the world is hearing my message and watch a movie about me - it's kind of weird," he said.

For John, the most important thing to him is the message he wants all of us to remember.

"Make the best out of any situation and be proud of what you have and realize what you have and realize that God lets everything happen for a reason," he said.

Now that he has graduated, John says he will be starting a foundation with his baseball coach and friend.