May 17, 2015

Book Review: In Velvet by Burt Weissbourd

In Velvet
by Burt Weissbourd

A non-stop thriller set in some of North America's wildest country, In Velvet takes you deep into the hearts of a hard case local detective and a Chicago cop as they take on a corrupt sheriff, a pathological poacher, and a lethal black ops manager to solve this ghastly mystery and restore the natural order in Yellowstone National Park.

In Velvet is an uncommon thriller. Rachel, a bear biologist, is discovering some very unusual behavior in the grizzly bear population in Yellowstone Park as well as what appears to be sightings of extinct species and horrific animal mutations. Just exactly what is going on in Yellowstone? This book begins with high intensity and doesn't let up until the very last page. The situations are eerie, the characters are creepy and the plot is exciting. It’s everything the synopsis promises and more.

There are many characters in In Velvet. The cast can be complex, however, I found they are relatively easy to keep organized. A few of the characters have similar personalities and speak using similar dialogue/dialect. This may cause problems for some readers, but these instances are rare.

The plot was exhilarating, intriguing and a bit terrifying but only because it is so frighteningly possible. Is it really that impossible to consider corrupt behaviors that result in mutations in what should be protected species?

In Velvet is a thrill and chill from start to finish! While I expected a good read, it easily surpassed my expectations.