March 12, 2004

Top Stories from Reuters
Spain Mourns 'Our September 11,' Qaeda Link Probed
Bush, Kerry Step Up Attacks on Each Other
Egypt, Israel Discuss Camp David Security Changes
San Francisco Gay Weddings Halted by Court
South Korean Parliament Impeaches President
Senate Passes $2.36 Trillion Budget
US Hits Roadblock in Iran Talks at UN Nuke Watchdog
Government to Stockpile Anthrax Vaccine, Paper Says
U.S. Embassy Warns of Possible Attacks in Jordan

Top Stories from AP
Death Toll in Spain Bombings Rises to 198
S. Korea Parliament Impeaches President
Gay Marriage Stalls in Calif., Mass.
Bush Ad: Kerry Wrong on Taxes and Defense
Senate Passes $2.36 Trillion Budget
AP: Firms Awarded Iraq Pacts Tied to D.C.
Magazine Names Chris Rock As Funniest Man
Church Nixes Good Friday Fenway Hot Dogs
Stocks Expected to Regain Ground

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