March 08, 2004

Top Stories from Reuters
Iraq Council Signs Constitution; Top Cleric Unhappy
U.S. Says Iran Changes Story on Nuclear Plans
Supreme Court Won't Revisit Boy Scouts' Ban on Gays
Blix: Bush, Blair Knew They Were Hyping Case for War
Kerry Predicts Character Attacks, Foreign Support
U.S. Scolds Aristide for Saying He Still Leads Haiti
Aristide Calls for Calm After Six Killed in Haiti
Ashcroft, in Intensive Care, Cancels Schedule
Ex-Tyco CFO's Lawyer: Client Not Guilty

Top Stories from AP
Iraqi Council Signs Interim Constitution
Stewart Makes First Remarks Since Trial
U.S. Marines Say They Killed Haiti Gunman
Bush Calls Out Kerry on 1995 Senate Bill
Gay Marriages Get Big Boost in Seattle
Hamas Vows Vengeance for 14 Gaza Deaths
Producer Says No 'Sex and the City' Movie
Martha Stewart Board to Meet; Stock Falls
Dow Up 25; Nasdaq Rises Less Than a Point

Sports Headlines:
Gonzaga Wins in Last Minute of Semifinal
Phillies' Thome Could Return in 3 Weeks
O'Meara Wins Dubai, 1st Title in 5 Years
Pistons Hold 3rd Straight Team Under 70
Ted Williams' Son John Henry Dies at 35
Mean Joe Greene to Be Steelers' New Scout
Kenseth Wins Second Straight Nextel Race
Stars Set Record With Unbeaten Streak
Yankees Beat Red Sox Yet Again, 11-7

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