March 11, 2004

Top Stories from Reuters
Guerrillas Kill 173 in Pre-Election Blasts - Spain
Marines Hunt for Haiti Guns, Rebels to Disarm
U.S. Envoys, Sharon Discuss Disengagement Plan
Bush Tells Spain's Aznar U.S. Condemns Bombings
Teen Sniper Malvo Gets Life Sentence
Kerry Meets Dean, Slams 'Crooked' Republicans
Bush to Do 9/11 Remembrance, Fund-Raising
Number of Jobless Claims Dips Last Week
NHL Suspends Bertuzzi for Season for On-Ice Attack

Top Stories from AP
173 People Killed in Madrid Explosions
Black Members of Congress to Aid Kerry
House OKs Ban on Fast Food Obesity Suits
Bush to Attend Memorial for 9/11 Victims
Retail Sales Up by 0.6 Percent in Feb.
Nichols' Lawyers: FBI Withheld Documents
EPA Studies Vapors From Microwave Popcorn
Alleged R. Kelly Sex Photos Can't Be Used
Dow Down 54, Nasdaq Off 8 at Open

Sports News from Reuters
NHL Suspends Bertuzzi for Season for On-Ice Attack
NBA Wrap: Bryant a Surprise Starter as Lakers Win
Lawmakers Threaten Baseball Over Steroid Tests
'Mean' Streets Signs with Lions
NHL Wrap: Lightning Extend Points Streak to 17 Games
Cavs Underline Playoff Aspirations with Fifth Straight Win
U.S. Captain Sutton Already Focused on Ryder Cup
China Hopes to Clinch a Bout with Mike Tyson
Third Ranked Athens Games Official Resigns

Sports News from AP
Bertuzzi Suspended for Remainder of Season
McGrady Scores 62 in Win Over Wizards
Lawmakers Want Tougher Steroids Policy
Bonds Hurts Back During Batting Practice
Congress to Eye NCAA Recruiting Practices
NHL Players Feel Pain of Missing Players
Giants Cut Barrows in Linebacker Overhaul
Boston College Tops Georgetown 68-57
No. 2 Texas Rallies to Beat Iowa St. 64-54

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