December 28, 2004

Race to Bury Asia's Dead as Toll Hits 68,000

Thousands of corpses rotted in Indonesia's tropical sun on Wednesday as rescuers scoured isolated coasts across the Indian Ocean for survivors of Sunday's giant waves that killed more than 68,000.

Rebels Strike Iraqi Forces After Bin Laden Call

Insurgents overran a police post near Saddam Hussein's home town on Tuesday, hauled out 12 men and shot them dead in a dramatic show of force, a day after Osama bin Laden declared holy war on the U.S.-backed election.

Yushchenko Supporters to Block Ukraine Govt Meeting

The winner of Ukraine's bitterly fought presidential election called on supporters to block a cabinet meeting on Wednesday after his opponent, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, refused to concede defeat.

Bin Laden Says Fighting in Iraq Muslims' Duty

An audio tape purportedly from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden urged Muslims to wage holy war against U.S. forces and the government in Iraq, saying they would be committing "a grave sin" if they failed to do so.

NASA Finishes Redesigned Shuttle Fuel Tank

NASA has finished building a redesigned space shuttle fuel tank that was reconfigured to eliminate the debris problem that doomed the shuttle Columbia and its seven astronauts, agency officials said on Tuesday.

Susan Sontag, Writer and Critic, Dies at 71

Author and social critic Susan Sontag, one of the most powerful thinkers of her generation and a leading voice of intellectual opposition to U.S. policy after the Sept. 11 attacks, died on Tuesday at a New York cancer hospital. She was 71.

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