April 11, 2004

Top Stories from Reuters
Bush Was Told of Al Qaeda Hijack Preparation
Iraqi Civilians Flee Falluja as Truce Takes Hold
End 'Logic of Death' in Iraq, Mideast, Pope Says
Iraq Holy Festival Winds Down; Sadr Followers Rally
No Word on Japan's Hostages, Families in Anguish
Cole Bombing Clues Could Have Helped Stop 9/ll -Report
US Urged to Mull Deal on Shi'ite Revolt - Council
Iraqi Kidnappers Threaten to Kill U.S. Hostage
Palestinians Expect U.S. Aid if Israel Quits Gaza

Top Stories from AP
Bush's Pre-9/11 al-Qaida Memo Released
U.S. Helicopter Shot Down in Baghdad
Iraq Insurgents Threaten to Kill American
Pope Calls for Peace in Easter Message
Workers Search Rubble of Mexico Explosion
Russian Coal Mine Blast Kills at Least 40
U.S. Backs Off Bin Laden Capture Forecast
Police Make Arrest in NYC Hospital Rape
Parents of 'Weird Al' Found Dead at Home

Yahoo! News Full Coverage
Bush's Pre-9/11 al-Qaida Memo Released
U.S., Fallujah Rebels Agree to 12-Hour Ceasefire
Taiwan Election Protesters Clash with Police
Algerian President Wins Landslide Re-Election
Pope Starts Easter Eve Services
Wal-Mart to Proceed With California Expansion Plans
Poll: Most Americans Oppose Gay Marriage
New Technology to Help Drowsy Drivers
Federal Agents Seize Baseball Doping Samples

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