April 04, 2004

GOOD-LUCK CHARM: When the Lady Vols won the national title in 1991, a 6-month-old baby got some of the credit -- Pat Summitt's son, Tyler.

"I remember handing Tyler over the railing (at Lakefront Arena) so all the players could kiss him," said R.B. Summitt, Tyler's father.

"He was our good-luck charm," Caldwell said. "He helped us out in so many ways. Tyler has been a joy for us."

Now 13, Tyler said he isn't sure he's going for that kiss-on-the-forehead thing again.

"I don't know about that," he said.

A NEW JOB: When the season started, junior point guard Loree Moore was in charge of running the Lady Vols offense. Today, her job has changed. A knee injury in January has turned Moore into a spectator and the team's No. 1 cheerleader.

"Sometimes I can see things from the sideline that they can't see," Moore said. "I can also help motivate them while on the bench. I just try to do the little things.

"If cheerleading's what I have do, then that's it."

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