January 19, 2014

Review of 101 Must-See Movie Moments by Nell Minow

101 Must-See Movie Moments features 101 essays on great moments in neglected films and neglected moments in great films from Nell Minow, who reviews each week's releases for Beliefnet and radio stations across the country as "The Movie Mom." From the lobster scene in Annie Hall to the final moments of Godfather 2, to a sandwich in the otherwise forgettable Wives and Lovers and the "Coward's Corner" scene in Homicidal and the garbage can lid dance in It's Always Fair Weather, and the "Dead by Third Act" character in Top Gun, each illuminates an element of cinematic storytelling that will make you understand and appreciate all movies better.

Nell Minow clearly writes as a true fan of film. It's as if she's sitting with you at the table just hanging out and discussing flicks, and for a book like this, this style works wonderfully. A truly fun read for the movie fan.

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