July 20, 2007

So You Want to be in Pictures

I'm excited to report that Tommy L. Garrett is publishing a book in two weeks on classic movie stars. The cover photo is featured above.

Watch for my review. It's coming soon!

Tommy on YouTube:

His television appearance on Home & Garden's "Living with Ed."

His classic movies TV Show: Hollywood Classics:


Jeff D said...

We are also eagerly awaiting the release of Tommy's new book here in Australia where we listen to him regularly on radio 3AW or live over the internet via 3AW's webpage. Tommy is an amazing guy... he knows so much about so many and no doubt the 700 pages contained in his new book will impress us with exclusive information that has never been revealed until know. I believe it also contains many exclusive photos of the true stars of yesteryear so this book sounds like it has it all. We can't wait for its release.

Spirit of a Woman said...

Tommy is a dear friend of mine, and I can't wait to get my hands on his new book. He has so many talents and after reading his first book, I know this will be another hit! Love ya Tommy, keep up the great work, Julia

ps: Can't wait to have you featured on our magazine "Spirit of a Woman" as you take us into the world of the golden stars!

Jennifer said...

Tommy is a friend of mine, and I can not wait to get his newest book. He is truly an amazing person. Congrats Tommy on the upcoming cook!

Anonymous said...

Brother Tommy truly deserves the success as an 'authority' on the 'World of Yesteryear in film' that will definitely come his way after this book is read by the masses. Tommy is such a 'know all' (in the nicest way) and I'm so glad he has chosen to share it with those who have a keen love and interest in the REAL STARS! The sooner he gets 'Down under' for a book signing the better.
I'm first in the queue...
Love you CHOOK.....Jac xz