February 16, 2004

Top Ten suggestions to recast "The Andy Griffith Show," using your favorite stars from the world of college hoops:

1. Roy Williams as Andy Griffith. He's filled the shoes of Dean Smith. He can fill the shoes of the sheriff who doesn't carry a gun.

2. Dick Vitale as Barney Fife. Next time Vitale speaks, we'd love to see him nip it in the bud.

3. John Pelphrey as Opie Taylor. The South Alabama coach has the hair and comes from one of basketball's most historic family trees (see Rick Pitino).

4. Rick Majerus as Otis Campbell. In our PC version, Otis is stone-cold sober. But he can put away a pecan pie or two.

5. Sonny Smith and Wimp Sanderson as the Fun Girls. In our 21st century sequel, they're traveling salesmen who regale us with tales from Roan Mountain to Mayberry.

6. Bob Knight as Ernest T. Bass. Îuff said.

7. Billy Packer as Floyd the Barber. He can give you a shave and a haircut in the time it takes him to tell you how great the ACC is.

8. Rick Stansbury as Gomer Pyle. He leads unsung Mayberry High to the state title before getting his own spinoff show.

9. Pat Summitt as Helen Crump. The only one capable of matching ol' Andy quip for quip and X for O.

10. Cliff Ellis as Briscoe Darling. He shuns bluegrass for beach music now, teaming with Andy for a terrific duet on "Under the Boardwalk."

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